Eurogen 2017: students presented their research at “Sensitivity and adjoint methods for optimization in flow stability problems” minisymposium.

Eleven ESR fellows participated in International conference on evolutionary and deterministic methods for design optimization and control with applications to industrial and societal problems, Eurogen 2017, Madrid, 13-15 September 2017.

The presentations delivered by the SSEMID students:

  1. Yinzhu Wang (ESR 3) and Alejandro Martinez-Cava. Eigenmode Optimization Based on Stability Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis
  2. Petr V. Kungurtsev (ESR 6) and Matthew P. Juniper. Shape optimization for viscous acoustic flows in an inkjet printhead
  3. Ivan Padilla (ESR 10). BiGlobal stability analysis of the wake behind an isolated roughness element in hypersonic flow
  4. Julian Marcon (ESR 4): A variational approach to high- order r-adaptation
  5. Alejandro Martinez (ESR 2): Bifurcation phenomenon on supersonic blowing trailing edges
  6. Henrique Raposo (ESR 12): Compressible acoustic receptivity with random distributed roughness
  7. Fabio Naddei (ESR 7): Development of a p-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method based on various refinement indicators
  8. Luigi Criscuolo (ESR 14): Prediction of the onset of aeroacoustic instabilities in Helmholtz resonators using a scatter matrix approach
  9. Guilayme Chauvat (ESR 15): Global stability of a jet in a cross-flow: effects of jet inflow
  10. Francesco Tocci (ESR 9): Status of surface marching 3D PSE code development
  11. Thibaut Appel (ESR 13): Global instability of 3D boundary layers with surface features
  12. Andres Rueda (ESR 1): Error estimation and mesh adaptation algorithms in p-multigrid Discontinuous Galerkin methods


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Imperial College London Katholieke Universiteit Leuven University of Cambridge Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales Deutsches Zentrum für Luft– und Raumfahrt Von Karman Institute Numerical Mechanics Applications Airbus Operations KTH