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AIRBUS, an EADS company, is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and comprehensive product line ( Airbus has a payroll of around 55.000 employees throughout the world and since its creation as GIE at the end of 1970, has manufactured and delivered 6000 aircraft and sold more than 9000.


AIRBUS-SP will participate in WP2; PhD3, PhD4 and PhD5 .

Key competences and facilities

AIRBUS has more than 40 facilities in France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and in another 8 countries outside Europe. The high maturity level of their products has been achieved after a long lasting collaboration with the best universities and research centers. AIRBUS has its own Flight Physics Faculty that is an academy focused on training professionals with the industrial required competences.

AIRBUS has a wide experience in aerodynamic simulation with special emphasis on its validation in flight or wind tunnel tests. As a result of a set of different projects with the common label of FUSIM, AIRBUS has established their standards for the FUture SIMulation, and the new architectures are now tested and available for the users. This architecture has been focused in parallel computing with an axis on its multidisciplinary capabilities, and the backbone framework will be put at disposal of the partners of this project. In line with this
technology, different supercomputation facilities have been set up within the AIRBUS network. These capabilities will allow the researchers to perform simulations at the highest level available in the industry.

Key persons

Ing. Daniel Redondo, Research and Technology Coordinator in Aerodynamic Simulation. Valentín de Pablo is an aeronautical engineer from UPM-Aeronáuticos and master by the same university in PhD program focused on transition prediction and lattice methods for plasmatics. He has been working since early in the university in CFD related topics with several articles written for melted silicon at low gravity context. He started working as Tools and Simulations engineer in 2005 working closely in CFD application and developing new methods for postprocessing. Apart from team management and trainee engagement he has also driven some R&T projects like REMFI, and is already working in ITN project ANADE supervising one ESR training in Airbus offices in collaboration with UPM and other European institutions.

Previous training programs and research

AIRBUS maintains an important research activity in collaboration with its wide partnership network, with participation in national and EU funded projects and a gross budget around 30M€/year only in the Flight Physics area. AIRBUS has a key role in the CleanSky initiative, and in many other projects like REMFI, ADIGMA, NODESIM, TELFONA, EXTICE, AVERT, NACRE, KATNET, ATAAC…


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Imperial College London Katholieke Universiteit Leuven University of Cambridge Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales Deutsches Zentrum für Luft– und Raumfahrt Von Karman Institute Numerical Mechanics Applications Airbus Operations KTH