New conference submissions for two SSeMID fellows

New conference submissions for two SSeMID fellows

Only six months after the project kick-off, some of the SSeMID fellows have already submitted abstracts for international conferences taking place this year.

Petr Kungurtsev (ESR6) and Yinzhu Wang (ESR3) will be presenting at the EUROGEN 2017 conference (Madrid, 13-15 September) some of the advances on their research in shape optimisation using adjoint techniques. With a similar approach, the use of adjoint-based methods on viscous flows shape optimisation, two complete different problems are tackled: in Petr’s research, the focus is on the optimisation of inkjet printheads; Yinzhu’s work is oriented towards the optimisation of flow through channel contractions, a methodology eventually applied to turbine blades cooling. Petr Kungurtsev will also be presenting his work at the UK Fluids Conference (Leeds, 6-8 September).

A complete list of the presented abstracts is presented below:


  • "Adjoint-based shape optimization for inkjet printheads" by P. Kungurtsev and M.P. Juniper.
  • “Eigenmode Optimization Based on Stability Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis”, by Y. Wang, A. Martinez-Cava and E. Valero.

UK Fluids Conference 2017

  • "Shape optimization for viscous acoustic flows in an inkjet printhead" by P. Kungurtsev and M.P. Juniper

Link to EUROGEN 2017 Link to UK Fluids Conference


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